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Carl Bildt

chairman , diplomat , Minister , politician

Carl Bildt is a swedish politician.

Currently Carl Bildt is serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden.


Ethnicity: Belongs to an old Norwegian-Danish-Swedish noble family traditionally domiciled in Bohus county.

Carl Bildt was born in Halmstad, Halland, in an old noble family of Norwegian-Danish-Swedish origin.

Many members of the Bildt family had chosen politics as a career, and some of them had important

positions in Swedish government. For example, Carl’s great-great-grandfather, Baron Gillis Bildt, served as Prime Minister a century ago, he was a diplomat and had the title of Marshal of the Kingdom of Sweden.


While studying at Stockholm University, Bildt was against the occupation of the Student Union Building in 1968 and was one of the co-founders of Borgerliga Studenter – Opposition '68 later the same year, and served as chairman of the FMSF Confederation of Swedish Conservative and Liberal Students, a centre-right student organisation, in the early 1970s.


Carl Bildt has had a successful political career, holding different political posts in different periods of his

life. On the 6th of October, 2006, Carl Bildt was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in the newly formed government led

by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. This move was somewhat surprising as Bildt had already served as both Prime Minister and the Moderate Party leader,besides previously there were some conflicts between Bildt and Reinfeldt.


moderata Samlingspartiet (Moderate Party)


  • Other Interests

    Active Internet+user.

    He uses Twitter broadly nowadays. Has his own one of the most widely read political webblogs in Sweden. He has opened up a channel on YouTube which has been active since early 2008.


Daniel Bildt - Sweden - soldier

Baron Gillis Bildt - Sweden - prime minister

General Knut Bildt - Sweden - hr manager

1st wife:
Kerstin Zetterberg, 1974–1975

2nd wife:
Mia Bohman

Anna Maria Corazza - Italy - politician
Anna Maria Corazza  - wife of Carl Bildt

Carl Bildt had been married to

Kerstin Zetterberg (1974–1975) and Mia Bohman, daughter of Gösta Bohman, the former

Moderate party leader and Minister of Economy, (1984–1997). He got married for

the third time in 1998 to Anna Maria Corazza.

Gunnel Bildt

born 1989

Nils Bildt

born 1991

Gustaf Bildt

born 2004