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Carlo CASAROSA, Italian economist in the field of Macroeconomic Theory; History of Economic Thought; Fiscal Theory and Policy.


CASAROSA, Carlo was born in 1942 in Calcinaia, Pisa, Italy.


Assistant Ordinario, Scuo la Superiore, Pisa, 1969-1980. Professor Incaricato Economics, University Pisa, 1972-1980, University Florence, 1973-1975. Professor Straordinario Economics, University Pisa, since 1981.

Editorial Board, Quaderni di storia dell Economía Política, 1983. Economía Política, 1984.


Challenged the established view of the Ricardian theory of distribution and presented an alternative reconstruction of this theory, centred on the notion of dynamic equilibrium. Subsequently related my work to the parallel work of Hicks and Hollander and formulated what is now known as the ‘New View’ of the Ricardian theory. Explored the micro-foundations of Keynes’s aggregate supply and expected demand analysis and showed that such analysis is an extension of the Marshallian theory of the competitive firm to the system as a whole: Keynes’s macroeconomic propositions do not depend on the type of entrepreneurial behaviour which is assumed.

In the area of fiscal policy showed that Keynesian solutions to short-run ‘Keynesian’ problems might cause classical problems in the medium run, and that the substitution of social contributions with either direct or indirect taxation would improve the trade-off between employment and inflation in a fully indexed economy. Dealt with the problem of inflation accounting, with special attention to interest payments and warned against the use of nominal instead of real magnitudes.