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Cesare POZZO


Cesare POZZO, Italian Senator.


POZZO, Cesare was born on July 7, 1926 in Turin, Italy.


Head of National Press Office, Italian Social Movement - National Right from 1970. National Leader, Press and Propaganda, 1977. Member official delegations of Eurodestra-European Right international meetings, conferences.

Member Italian Social Movement from foundation. Several times tried and sentenced. Imprisoned for 1 year at Regina Coeli, 1950-1951.

Regional Leader of Students and Workers Group, 1951. Campaigned for Italianisation of Trieste. Seriously wounded in Police repression, 1953.

Tried under Military Tribunal of Allies but released on bail. Directed fight for Trieste until the end of allied occupation. Elected Deputy, Venice-Trieste, 1953.

Elected Senator, Turin Centre, since 1979. Member Committee on Foreign Affairs, member Committee on Affairs of European Community. Secretary Parly, group.

Member Council of Europe. Councillor, Rivoli (Turin). Member Committee on supervision of RAI-T.V. member Permanent Sub-Cttee. for Access Secretary of Parly, group, Italian Social Movement - National Right.

Secretary Office of Presidency. Regional Secretary, Piedmont. Member National Political-Secretariat, Italian Social Movement - National Right.

Journalist; writer for major Right-wing publications in Italy. Envoy in Hungary, 1956. Special envoy to Algeria.

Head of Foreign Desk, Special envoy, and Director of ‘II Secolo d'ltalia'. Official representative of Right-Wing press on visits to Poland, Great Bntain, Low Countries, Canada, United States, Polinesia, Austria, Fiji Islands, Pacific Ocean, Singapore, Ceylon, Middle and Far East, African Countries, North. Centre and South America.

Volunteer, Combatant, decorated, war-wounded. Member from the origin of RSI (Italian Social Republic). Captured, 1945 but escaped execution.

Interned by Allied forces in military camp, Modena and Coltano until end of 1945. Founder and Director ‘Risveglio Nazionale’ (magazine).


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