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Cha-yen Ku Edit Profile

Government official , civil engineer

Ku Cha-yen was a Chinese civil engineer and civil servant.


Mr. Ku was born in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, in 1894.


Ku Cha-yen attended Aurora University (now East China Normal University) in Shanghai and graduated from the Engineering Department of the University. He pursued advanced studies at the Ecole Poly-Technique, Paris, specialising in municipal construction.


Since his return to China, he successively served as engineer in the China Development Company, staff member of the supplies department of the Peking-Hankou Railway. Mr. Ku acted as a member of the Office of the Director-General of Lung-Hai Railway, and later member of the Engineering Department. He also held the post of a municipal expert of the Public Works Bureau of the Nanjing Municipal Government.

Mr. Ku was a technical expert and inspector of the Construction Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Government, director of the a voluminous writer on subjects of civil engineering and frequent contributor to the Good Roada Monthly of the National Good Roads Association.


  • Ku Cha-yen was widely known as an author of numerous books.


  • book

    • Municipal Construction

    • Practical Methods of Road Construction

    • Rural Roads Construction

    • Methods of Park Laying