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Chan-en Mrs. Liu Edit Profile

also known as Mrs. Herman Chan-en Liu

welfare worker

Chan-en Liu was a Chinese welfare worker.


She was born in Tai Hu, Anhwei, China on January 2, 1897.


Mrs. Liu graduated from the Knowles School, Kiulpang and Northwestern University, U.S.A.


Chan-en Liu was a president of the Women Suffrage Association of China, vice-president of the Birth Control League of China, board member of the discharged prisoners aid society, general secretary of Women's Christian Temperance Union of China, founder of Shanghai Settlement house for beggars and slave girls, editor-in-chief of Temperance.

She was also an author of "Happy I Home".


Chan-en Liu
Chan-en Liu - Husband of Chan-en Liu

She was married to Herman C. E. Liu, president of University of Shanghai.