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Chan-en Liu Edit Profile

also known as Herman Chan-en Liu

educator , College president

Chan-en Liu was a Chinese educator and college president.


He was born in Hanyang, Hupeh, China in 1896.


After receiving his preliminary education in mission schools, Mr. Liu attended Soochow University from which he was graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in 1918.

He then went to America and entered Chicago University and took his Master of Arts degree, Columbia University, New York and entered Teachers College, from which he was graduated in 1922 with Doctor of Philosophy degree.


Upon his return to China, Chan-en Liu was appointed national educational secretary to the National Committee Y.M.C.A., which position he held until 1928. He worked also as a secretary to the Chinese Government educational commission to the United States during the Washington Conference on limitation of armament and Far East questions, serving as a representative of the Chinese student organizations. He was a chief delegate from China to the world Y.M.C.A. conference at Helsingfors, Finland in 1926 following which he travelled extensively in Europe studying educational problems. Mr. Liu served for a time as professor of education at the Great China and Kwanghua Universities and was research director of the National Vocational Educational Association.

He was an author of several books and pamphlets on educational subjects, including “Citizen Training Series’’, “Vocational Guidance”, “Co-education“, "Non-Verbal Testa for Use in China”, etc. He attended the world educational conference at Geneva in 1929 as delegate from China, following which he travelled extensively in America and Europe to study educational problems.

In 1933 Chan-en Liu was a delegate from China to the Banff Conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations. He was one of the founders of the China Institute of International Relations and of the Anti-Civil War League of China and President of the University of Shanghai.