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lawyer , translator

Chang Nieh-yun, Chinese lawyer and translator. Advisor to the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Shangahi, Chinese Red Cross Society, Chapei Bureau of Works and Taxes, Anti-Kidnapping Society, and Commissioner of Foreign Aifairs; Councillor to General Lu Yung-hsiang of Chekiang and Chief Commander of the Chinese Navy, Director of Foreign Affairs, Member of Chinese Education Committee and General Educational Commission,Shanghai Municipal Council


Mr. Chang Nieh-yun was born at Hsin An Hsien, Kuangtung Province, China in 1877.


Mr. Chang Nieh-yun studied English in Hongkong in the Government Central School (later the Victoria College) and finished his preparatory education in the Shanghai Public School under the principalship of the late Mr. George Lanning. Chang then studied law in the Soochow University Law School and graduated in the first class of 1899.


Chang Nieh-yun served in the Chinese Customs Service and as Translator in one of the foreign consulates, the Shanghai Mercury, Universal Gazetjte, Sin Wan Pao and other papers, in 1902.

In 1907 Mr. Chang assisted Dr. W. London and China Syndicate in 1902.

In 1907 Mr. Chang assisted Dr. W. W. Yen as sub-editor of the Nanfangpao. From 1907 he served as interpreter and translator to Mr. W. V. Drumm-ond, Law Officer to the Viceroy at Nanking and Taotai of Shanghai. He was admitted to practise in the Mixed Court as a Chinese attorney in 1919.

For 11 years he served in the Chinese Company, Shanghai Volunteer Corps, as Translator Sergeant.