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educator , entrepreneur , International TV Executive , Producer/Writer

Charles Fox is a Communications Strategist, International Broadcast Executive appointed by President Clinton, and award-winning (including 7 Emmys, the Angel and the coveted Meritorious Honor Award) Content Producer and Writer.


Ethnicity: Fox traces his African ancestry to Antonio Johnson who, at age 17, arrived at the Jamestown Settlement (then, a British colony) from the Congo Empire in 1621.

“I’m a storyteller. Building understanding between people, nations and cultures is what I do”, says Fox, whose achievements include 7 Emmys and the Meritorious Honor Award from the International Broadcasting Bureau for leadership, programming Initiatives and staff development.

Fox created, produced and/or supervised distribution of TV channels and programs including “Since JFK: The Last Twenty Years”, “Esta Noche”, “Window on America”, “Fragile Ring of Life” and “Studio Four” for ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and WORLDNET TV networks and/or affiliates.

In 2011, Fox created and led the launch of FNX: First Nations Experience, the first TV channel (PBS) dedicated to Native American cultures. Now, in 22 broadcast markets, FNX is available to 42 million viewers.

When appointed by President Clinton as Director (CEO) of WORLDNET Television, Fox expanded the operation’s global reach to more than 1,400 broadcast and cable outlets. Managing $30 million budget and staff of 260 professionals, Fox, in less than 48 months, repositioned WORLDNET to command an audience larger than that of CNN International.

Fox currently serves as Director of Telecommunications and Assistant Professor of Mass Communications at Wilberforce University - our nation’s first private black university - where he is “helping to develop some of the industry’s future leaders.”


Charles' mother was an English and French teacher. She taught him to read and write long before he entered public school. His father, an Episcopal minister and missionary, began introducing his son to the principles of Latin, Greek and Hebrew languages and philosophies before he entered middle school.

His parents also exposed him to international cultures, the arts and all forms of music while still in elementary school.


After contributing as scriptwriter, producer and researcher to several Emmy-award-winning and nominated shows including Since JFK: The Last Twenty Years (CBS) and Studio 4 (NBC TV4), Fox was invited to bring his professional insights to The American University School of Communications. He, later, seized the opportunity to lead the effort to expand and make more culturally-inclusive the film and TV industry with the Maryland Film Commission. In that role,he increased tenfold the economic impact of the film industry while establishing such initiatives as the Multi-cultural Filmmakers Think Tank and the Warner Bros Writers Project - creating a homegrown talent base from which to expand and sustain the region's industry that is now globally competitive.

Fox's achievements did not go unnoticed. In September 1993, President Clinton appointed him to lead and expand WORLDNET, the first global TV network. In less than 48 months, Fox developed relations with media industry and government leaders in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East; signed agreements allowing Western media to broadcast into the previously closed nation of Singapore; and expanded WORLDNET's reach from under 300 to more than 1,400 cable and broadcast outlets and exceeded the global viewership of CNN International. Under Fox's direction, WORLDNET created and produced several original programs and program channels including "Window On America" (series), "Esta Noche" (Spanish channel) and "Fragile Ring of Life" (environment documentary). The International Broadcasting Bureau recognized Fox's efforts with Meritorious Award for leadership, staff development and program initiatives.

Fox continues making ground-breaking strides. In 2002, he co-founded the minority owned broadcast media company, Corporate Media Consultants Group (CMCG) which owned and/or operated 6 TV stations in the U.S. and Caribbean. In 2011/2012, he launched FNX: First Nations Experience, the nation's first TV channel dedicated to Native American cultures. Currently in 22 markets, FNX is viewed by 42 million homes.

While currently working to rebuild the Mass Communications program at Wilberforce University, the nation's first private black institution for higher learning (est 1856), Fox consults on new media ventures and interruptive technologies.


  • Certificate of Historical Achievement

    The Inaugural Worldwide Digital WU TV Broadcast

    Wilberforce University, 2015

    CARAT- California Resources and Training

    Annual Awards Luncheon, Los Angeles, 2012

    Fragile Ring of Life - Cine Golden Eagle Award

    Executive Producer WORLDNET TV, 1997

    Meritorious Honor Award

    Leadership, Staff Development and Program Initiatives International Bureau for Broadcasting, 1997

    STUDIO 4 - Emmy Award Creator, Producer, Writer NBC4 Washington, DC, 1986

    VIDKIDS - Emmy Nominee Field Producer, Director, Writer WNEV Boston, 1985

    Since JFK: The Last 20 Years - Emmy Nominee Co-Producer

    WNEV Boston, 1983

    The Calling (Documentary) - Angel Award

    Creator, Writer, Director, Producer PBS, 1980


Do the right thing by your neighbor and treat him and her as you wish to be treated.


Fox has traveled, worked with, and studied in many lands and cultures of the world. In his home, he displays the arts, crafts and books of cultures from nearly every continent. Communications from Charles Fox usually ends with the signature - "Humanity is my Family". As he travelled the world, he gained insights regarding what all humans have in common: the desire to provide for family; teach their children to reach their full potential; enjoy life, music and the arts; make a contribution that will leave the world a more joyful and better place; and be remembered with dignity and grace.

Quotations: "Likewise, Charles Fox brings a distinguished record in academia, media, government and business to this post at WORLDNET."

Remarks by President Clinton when he appointed Fox as Director of the world's first global TV network in 1993.


  • Philosophers & Thinkers

    Cheikh Anta Diop

  • Politicians

    President Nelson Mandela

  • Writers

    Ivan Van Sertima

  • Artists

    Allan Capron Hauzous (Chiricahua Apache sculptor)

  • Sport & Clubs

    Track and Field

  • Athletes

    Muhummad Ali

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  • Music & Bands

    Jazz, Fusion, Classical, Bluegrass:

    Miles Davis, The Yellow Jackets, Stanley Clarke, Nickel Creek


Mr. Fox is married and has a son, daughter and three grandsons.