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Charles Kershaw ROWLEY

economist , Professor

Charles Kershaw ROWLEY, economist in the field of General Economic Theory; Industrial Organisation; Welfare Programmes. Member, Mont Pelerin Society, since 1967; Member, United Kingdom Radioactive Waste Management Advisory Committee, 1977-1983; President, European Public Choice Society, 1980-1982.


ROWLEY, Charles Kershaw was born in 1939 in Southampton, Hampshire, England.


Bachelor of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy University Nottingham, 1960, 1964.


Lector Economics, University Nottingham, 1962-1965. Lector, Senior Lector Economics, University Kent, England, 1965-1970. Visiting Social Science Research Council, United Kingdom or United States of America Fellow, Senior Lector, Reader Economics and Social Statistics, University York,

9, 1970-1972.

David Dale Professor of Economics, University Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

83. Research Association, Center Study Public Choice, Virginia Polytechnic and State University, 1974, 1979. Professor of Economics, Center Research Association, Center Study Public Choice, George Mason University, Virginia, United States of America, since 1983.

Editorial Boards, Applied Economics, 1969-1982, Economics Affairs, since 1979, Industrial Economics, 1978-1980. Editor, International Review Law and Economics, since 1980.



My early work was in the field of industrial organisation, commencing with an institutional study of the British Monopolies Commission, but moving on to the application of structure-conductperformance theory to industrial analysis. An interest in the concept of Xefficiency shifted my interest to welfare economics. A major research collaboration with Alan Peacock led to a range of contributions to a liberal political economy and this is an abiding interest.

Following a period of writing in the field of environmental economics, emphasising the relevance of market studies, my interests shifted significantly towards public choice and law and economics and most of my recent and current research is in these important fields. The influence of the Virginia school upon my work is obvious and I have now moved location to my true home. Still, my love for the ‘old’ Chicago remains, influences my work, and creates a constructive tension with Virginian-blend economics.

Of the new Chicago, the least said the better.


Member Mont Pelerin Society, American Economic Association, Royal Economic Society, Public Choice Society, European Public Choice Society (president 1980-1982).


Married Betty Silverwood, June 19, 1961 (divorced 1971). Married Marjorie Isobel Spillets, July 17, 1972. Children: Amanda, Sara.

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