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Charles Curtiss Carpenter Edit Profile

Media producer

Charles Curtiss Carpenter, American media producer.


Carpenter, Charles Curtiss was born on November 25, 1961 in Pinehurst, North Carolina, United States. Son of Virgil Lee and Mildred Louis (Gray) Carpenter.


Radio producer, Pierside Entertainment, Pinebluff, North Carolina, since 1980;record producer, Studio East/Pierside, Charlotte, North Carolina, since 1984. Club consultant Thru Pierside Entertainment, Pinebluff, since 1977, music director Muirfield Broadcasting, Southern Pines, North Carolina, since 1978. Producer WEBOP radio show, since 1985.

Music director Station WRDX-FM, Salisbury, since 1990. President Weekend Radio Network, since 1991.


In modern culture the ability to make decisions and choose our own path in life has extremely high value. But through the faith we voluntarily surrender to God in love and joy.


God, who is heard throughout the Bible, calls for justice for the widows, orphans and aliens who were oppressed by the powers of the day. Therefore the involvement in political life is something that Christians should not avoid.


As human beings people are a part of a cruel and violent and unjust world that feels like it cannot be changed. By accepting forgiveness and liberation, God enables to resist evil and to live life that can make this world a better place.


Virgil Lee Carpenter

Mildred Louis (Gray) Carpenter