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Charles Frederick BICKERDIKE


Charles Frederick BICKERDIKE, economist.


BICKERDIKE, Charles Frederick was born in 1876 in England.


Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts University Oxford, 1899, 1910. Honours Order of the British Empire, 1937.


His chief work was done during the free trade controversies at the turn of the century. He was a protégé of Edgeworth, who said of him that he was the only person since Mill who had found something original and worthwhile to say on the protectionist side of the case. He also worked with Edgeworth on mathematical treatments of economic questions.

His last article foreshadows Harrod-Domar type growth problems. Lector, University Manchester, 1911-1912. Civil Servant, United Kingdom Board Trade, United Kingdom Ministry Labour, 1912-1941.