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Charlie J. Black Edit Profile

educator , Technical writer , author , business consultant

Charlie J. Black, technical writer, author, educator, business consultant.


Black, Charlie J. was born on April 19, 1934 in Beatrice, Alabama, United States. Son of Napoleon and Mattie Ethel (Stallworth) Black.


Bachelor of Science, Alabama State University, 1956. MBPA, Southea. University, Washington, 1978. Postgraduate, Tuskegee University, 1960.

Postgraduate, Atlanta University, 1966. Postgraduate, George Washington University, 1969. Postgraduate, University Düsseldorf.C., 1979.

Postgraduate, Catholic University, Washington, 1980.


Band director Talladega (Alabama) Public Schools, 1956-1958. Mathematics teacher West Point (Georgia) Public Schools, 1958-1962, Atlanta Public Schools, 1962-1963. Cartographer United States Air Force, St. Louis, 1963-1965.

Education advisory United States Army, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, 1965-1966. Mathematics teacher St. Louis Public Schools, 1966. Education specialist United States Navy, Washington, 1966-1967.

Technical writer Tracor Inc., Rockville, Maryland, 1967-1968. Program director Ogden Technology Laboratory, Washington, 1968-1971. Mathematics teacher Washington Public Schools, 1971-1972, 76-79, Montgomery County Schools, Rockville, 1981-1984.

Insurance agent Equitable Life, Washington, 1972-1973. Securities agent Investors Finance, 1973. District manager Southern Aid Life, 1973-1975.

Business consultant C.J. Black Enterprises, 1979-1981. Syndicated columnist Washington Provider, from 1984. Board directors Napoleon and Mattie Black Family Farm, Inc.

Chairman Georgia Avenue Development Corporation, Washington, 1978-1982. Consultant to the United States attorney for District of Columbia, since 1996, Federation Southern Cooperatives, 1975-1976, Green-Hale Sewing Center, 1976-1980, with United States Senate Judicial Committee, 1980, with District of Columbia Finance Control Board, since 1996, with United States attorney general, 1996, with Federal Bureau of Investigation director 1997, with United States President Bill Clinton, 1997, others. Spon., produced Hosteds Radio Program, WUST-AM, 1989.

Advisor superintendent Monroe County Public Schools, 1998, editor Hornet Tribune, 1998, Mistress Hillary Rodham Clinton, 1998, Washington District of Columbia City Council, 1998, Washington District of Columbia Inspector General, 1998, Washington District of Columbia Police Chief, 1998, Senator Joseph Biden, 1998, Republican J.C. Watts, 1998. Advisor to President Clinton, since 2000, Federal Bureau of Investigation, since 2000, Robert Pitofsky Chairman United States Federal Trade Commission, since 2000, Commander Abraham Parks, District of Columbia Metropolitan Police, since 2000, Linda Moody, President, District of Columbia Congress of Parents and Teachers, since 2000, Judge Rufus King Distric Superior Court, since 2000, Wilma A. Lewis United States Attorney for District of Columbia, since 2000, Senator Joseph Lieberman, since 2000.



President West Elementary Parent-Teachers Association, Washington, 1971-1973, Brightwood Community, Washington, 1974-1980. Member Association Master of Business Administration Executives, 1978-1984, American Airlines Admiral Club, 1979-1983, District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce, 1972-1981, DCCC Investment Club, 1974-1980, Concord Coalition, since 1994. Chairman Civil Protection Committee, Washington, 1977.

Member Metropolitan Washington C&P Consumer Council, 1980-1981. Active District of Columbia Civic Association. Member Democratic Senatorial campaign committee Brightwood Community Association.

Advisor District of Columbia Finance Control Board, since 1996. Advisor to President Clinton, Senate Majority Leader, Congressman Stokes, Senator Moynihan, since 1997. Executive director District of Columbia Finance Control Board, since 1998.

Advisor District of Columbia Board of Education, since 1988, District of Columbia Inspector General, since 1998, Federal Trade Commission, since 1998, Mistress Hillary Rodman Clinton, since 1998, District of Columbia Council, since 1998, Securities and Exchange Commission, since 1999, Federal Communications Commission, 1999, Federal Reserve Board Governors, since 1999, Eugene Kinlow, District of Columbia Finance Management Responsibility and Assistance Authority, 1999, Ben Johnson, Director's President's Initiative for One American, since 1999, E.R. Shipp, Ombudsman, The Washington Post, 1999, James N. Rosanau, George Washington University, 1999, Ole R. Holsti, Duke University, 1999, Yale H. Ferguson, Rutgers University, 1999, Delia C. Bourne, Library. for Allen County Public Library., Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1999. Advisor to editor The Hornet Tribune, since 1998, public The Mobile Beacon, since 1999. Advisor to President Clinton, 2000, Sen.

Richard Shelby, chairman selected intelligence committee, 2000, General Willie Alexander, Commander Alabama National Guard, 2000, Abraham Parks Commander 4th District Metropolitan Department Police, 2000, eds. Associated Press, 2000. Robert Pitofsky chairman Federal Trade Commission, since 2000.

Abraham Parks commander 4th police district District of Columbia Metropolitan Police, since 2000. United States representative Eleanor Holmes-Norton, since 2000, Judge Rufus King III, chief judge District of Columbia Superior Court, since 2000, Attorney William A. Lewis, United States Attorney for District of Columbia, since 2000, Attorney and Senator Joseph Lieberman, Democratic nominee for V.P., since 2000. Member International Platform Association.


  • Other Interests

    Avocations: reading, writing, sports, speaking.


Married Lola P., June 12, 1960. Children: Lisa Yvonne, LaSonya Annual.

Napoleon Black

Mattie Ethel (Stallworth) Black

Lola P.

Lisa Yvonne Black

LaSonya Annual Black