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Chi-Hshiung Lin Edit Profile

consultant , Engineering educator

Chi-Hshiung Lin, Chinese engineering educator, consultant.


Lin, Chi-Hshiung was born on September 5, 1961 in Kaohsiung Province, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan.


Doctor of Philosophy, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, 2000.


Engineer, Kaohsiung, 1986—1988. Senior engineer TSRC Corporation, 1988—1990. Lecturer Tung Fang Institute of Technology, 1992—1995.

Senior engineer Mass Rapid Transit Bureau, 1994—2000. Professor Department Electrical Engineering Kao Yuan University, Lujhu Township, since 2000. Project principal investigator Kaohsiung City Government, 1997—1999, National Science Council, Taipei, Taiwan, since 2000, Ministry Education, Taipei, 2005—2006.

Consultant Asia-pacific Fire Protection Company, Kaohsiung, 1999, Chin Sun Engineering Company, Nanto, Taiwan, since 2004.


  • Achievements include research in designing a viscous inertia damper to damp turbine shaft and blade vibrations excited by power system faults. Research in dynamic simulations for operation mode transfer micro-turbine generator. Research in tuning ratio of KGEN-LP/HGEN to suppress vibrations of turbine blades.

    Research in restricting turbine blade fatigue based on electromechanical-analogy circuit analysis. Research in long term fatigue life loss of turbine blades owing to noncharacteristic harmonic currents in asynchronous HVDC links. Research in effects of a MOV surge arrester on blade vibrations of large scale turbine unit.


Married Pi-Fang Yu, December 16, 1988. Children: Yu-Yu, Wan-Chun.

Pi-Fang Yu

Wan-Chun Lin

Yu-Yu Lin