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Chia-yung Soo (Su Chia-yung)

geographer , government official

Chia-yung Soo was a Chinese geographer and took different high positions in Chinese government.


Chia-yung Soo was born in Tengyun, Kwangsi, China (Guangxi, China) in 1899.


He graduated from the Peking Government University, majoring in philosophy, but did considerable research in geography which has become his specialized subject of study.


Chia-yung Soo successively served as secretary of the Peking Government University, secretary of the Peasants' Department of the Central Executive Committee of the Kuomintang. He was also a professor of history and geography at the Wuhan National University, secretary to the 8th Nationalist Revolutionary Army, chief secretary to the Headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief of the 15th Route Nationalist Army. Then he became an expert member of the Committee for the Study and Revision of Maps and Charts organized by the Ministries of Interior, Navy, Education and Foreign Affairs and the Headquarters of the General Staff and the Mongolian - Tibetan Affairs Commission. After that he occupied positions of Director of the Jih-Sin Geographical Institute in Shanghai, China.

Mr. Soo was also an author of a treatise on philosophy of Chwang Tzu and a history of the frontier changes of China since the beginning of Manchu Dynasty (published by the Commercial Press) and of the following maps : "Historical Maps of the Various Dynasties of China," "A Map Showing the Means of Communications in China Owned or Controlled by the Foreign Powers," "A Map of Manchuria," "A Map of China and Japan," "A Map of Chahar, Suiyuan and Jehol," "A Directory Map of Shanghai," and several other maps (with English translations of place names) - all published by the Jih-Sin Geographical Institute which also maintains regular connection with the leading educational and academic organizations in Europe and America.