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Chia Theng Shen Edit Profile

Organization administrator , Transportation executive

Chia Theng Shen was water transportation executive, religious organization administrator.


Shen, Chia Theng was born on December 15, 1913 in Chekiang, China. Son of Foo Sheng and Wen Ching (Hsai) Shen. came to the United States, 1952, naturalized, 1964.


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Chiao Tung University, 1937. Doctor of Letters (honorary), St. John's University, 1973.


With, Central Elec. Manufacturing Works, China, 1937-1944;factory manager, Central Elec. Manufacturing Works, 1942-1944;deputy coordinating department, National Resources Commission, Government of China, 1945-1947;president, China Trading and Industrial Development Corporation, Shanghai, 1947-1949;managing director, China Trading & Industrial Development Company Ltd., Hong Kong, 1949-1953;with, TransAtlantic Financing Corporation, 1954-1962;president, TransAtlantic Financing Corporation, 1958-1962;president, Pan-Atlantic Development Corporation, New York City, 1955-1970;with, Marine Transport Lines Inc., New York City, 1958-1970;senior vice president, Marine Transport Lines Inc., 1964-1970;with, American Steamship Company, Buffalo, 1967-1980;Chairman of the Board, chief Executive officer, American Steamship Company, 1971-1980.


Trustee Institute Advanced Studies World Religions, New York, since 1970, Chairman of the Board, chief Executive officer, 1970-1992, president, 1970-1984, 90-. Trustee China Institute in American, New York City, 1963-1990, vice chairman, 1970-1979, chairman, 1979-1980, member Executive Committee, 1963-1984. Trustee, vice president Buddhist Association United States, New York City, since 1964.

Member Chinese Institute Engineering, Electronic Buddhadharma Society (director), Buddhist Association United States, Medical Compassion Society (directory).


Married Woo Ju Chu, April 21, 1940. Children: Maria May Shen Jackson, Wilma Way Shen George, David Chuen-Tsing, Freda Foh.

Foo Sheng Shen

Wen Ching (Hsai) Shen

Woo Ju Chu

Maria May Shen Jackson Shen

Wilma Way Shen George Shen

David Chuen-Tsing Shen

Freda Foh Shen