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Christian MULLER

Member of the Bundestag

Christian MULLER, German Member of the Bundestag. Union of Public Services, Transport and Traffic (ÖTV); Workers’ Welfare.


MULLER, Christian was born on December 24, 1947 in Görlitz. Parents: Paul Müller and Helene Müller.


Technical University, Dresden, diploma specialising in power steering mechanisms. Spoken languages: Russian, English.


Member, District Committee, Zittau, since 1990. Member, District Committee, East Saxony, July since 1990. Member. City Council, Zittau, Chairman, Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (Social Democratic Party of Germany) Faction, Vice-President.

Executive Committee, member, Economics Committee. Member of Bundestag. Saxony, since 1990. Assistant, Zittau High School.

Patent officer, Berlin Patent Office, until 1977. Technical College Teacher, head of Department, electronics, since 1977. Qualified as teacher of engineering and teacher.

Technical University, Dresden, since 1985. Teacher in area of micro-processing, since 1989. Lecturer, electronics, information technology.


  • Lehrbriefe zur Automaten Theorie.


Union of Public Services, Transport and Traffic (ÖTV). Workers’ Welfare.


Spouse Margit Muller (née Vater), 1971. Children: Wolfram, Annegret.