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Christopher Michael Vichiola Edit Profile

educator , writer

Christopher Michael Vichiola, American Educator, writer. Certified nursing assistant. Black belt in Ninjutsu, 1997; recipient Eagle award Colonel James "Bo" Gritz, 1997, Spike Navy Seal Scuba badge Colonel James "Bo" Gritz, 1997. Educator Review Jesse L. Jackson's Rainbow Coalition, Washington, since 1992, Mayor Eugene Eriquez Democratic Party, Danbury, since 1987, Republican Jack Brooks, since 1991, Governor Michael Dukakis, since 1989.


Vichiola, Christopher Michael was born on April 27, 1959 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States. Son of Michael Richard and Delores (Distaci) Vichiola.


AS, Western Connecticut State University, 1981. Bachelor, Western Connecticut State University, 1983. Graduate, Colonel James "Bo" Gritz's Special Forces Green Beret On-Field Medical Surgical School.


Martial arts teacher American Bujinkan Dojo, Danbury, Connecticut, since 1993. Teacher Center for Action, Kamiah, Idaho, since 1997. Sales representative, safety captain fertilizer toxic fertilizizer program, power equipment specialist Home Depot, 1998—2009, power equipment specialist.

Clerk A&P Foodmart, 1999—2003. Safety captain Hazardous Waste Fertilizer Program. Power equipment specialist, customer service program specialist Home Depot, since 2006, coordinator extended warranty program, since 2007.

Sales associate toys Walmart, 2007. Teacher International Bujinkan Dojo. Member Smithsonian National Museum African American History & Culture, Government Accountability Project, since 2010, Congressional Democratic Party, since 2010.

Martial arts teacher International Bujinkan Dojo. Advisor President Barack Obama's Kitchen-Cabinet, since 2009. Sales associate Evelyn Ryan Macdonald's Restaurant, since 2009.

Educator, consultant Primerica Finance Services, Danbury, since 1997. Educator Christic Institute Law Firm, Washington, since 1995.


  • Certified nursing assistant, in horticultural, forklift, power equipment Home Depot Company.


  • Other Work

    • Author: Above the Law - The Real Story's Files, 1995, Above the Law Part II, 1995, The Real Story of Christopher Vichiola and Colonel Gritz, 1997, The Real Story of Christopher Vichiola's and Colonel Gritz's Training, 1997.


Educator Review Jesse L. Jackson's Rainbow Coalition, Washington, since 1992, Mayor Eugene Eriquez Democratic Party, Danbury, 1987-1993. Key democratic leader President Barack Obama and V.P. Joe Biden. Member of Smith Soniam National Museum African American History Aid Culture, Amnesty International Organization, H.A.L.T. Attorneys Organization, Drug Policy Alliance Organization, National Democratic Committee (Commendation award), Southern Poverty Law Center, Martin Luther King Junior Educational Foundation.


  • Other Interests

    Avocations: camping, scuba diving, basketball, football, martial arts.


Married Clementine Gant, Feb.6, 1991 (divorced July 1992). Married Tracey Vichiola, November 12, 1997. Children, Michael, Christopher.

Michael Richard Vichiola

Delores (Distaci) Vichiola

Michael Vichiola

Christopher Vichiola

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