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Claude Hasday ESTIER

journalist , politician

Claude ESTIER, French journalist and politician. National Assembly 1967-1968, 1981-1986; Paris City Council since 1971; European Pari. 1979-1981.


ESTIER, Claude Hasday was born on June 8, 1925 in Paris, France. Parents: Henri Ezratty and Lucie Ezratty (née Bemerbe).


Carnot High School, Paris. Independent School of Political Science, diploma.


Deputy, FGDS, for Paris, 25th constituency: 18th arrondissement, 1967-1968 and 1981-1986, registered member of Socialist Group. General Secretary of Convention of Republican Institutions, 1968. City Councillor, Paris, 18th arrondissement, since 1971.

National Press Secretary of Socialist Party, 1971-1979. Editorial director. Unité (weekly), 1972-1986. Representative, European Community Assembly, 1979-1981, (Socialist list).

Chairman of Parliamentary Delegation for French Radio and Television Broadcasting. 1981-1983; Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of National Assembly, 1983-1986. Socialist Senator for Paris, since 1986.

Chairman of Senate Socialist Group, since 1988. Political editor. Populaire, 1947. Editor, Observateur, FranceObservateur, Nouvel-Obserateur, since 1950.

Editor. Le Monde, 1955-1958. Editor-in-Chief, Libération, 1958-1964. Editor-inChief, Dire (monthly journal), 1968.


National Assembly 1967-1968, 1981-1986. Paris City Council since 1971. European Pari. 1979-1981.


  • Other Interests

    Tennis, skiing, table tennis.


Married to Denyse Abeille in 1947.

Henri Ezratty

Luice Bemerbe

Denyse Abeille