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Claude Henri de Rouvroy SAINT-SIMON


Claude Henri de Rouvroy SAINT-SIMON, economist.


SAINT-SIMON, Claude Henri de Rouvroy was born in 1760 in Paris, France.


His influence on Comte and social reformers, rather than his publications, is the source of his fame. His indentification of the phenomenon of ‘industrialisation’, advocacy of a science of society, and ‘evolutionary organicist’ theory of society are his major contributions. He advocated planned industrialisation and peaceful social change led by engineers, manufacturers and scientists.

His last work, New Christianity, inspired a movement involving many intellectuals, which eventually split, with Enfantin leading one wing towards mystical religion. Army officer, 1777-1781. Businessman and speculator, 1781- 1804.

Writer and journalist, 1804-1825.