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Claude Jean Louis FUZIER


Claude Jean Louis FUZIER, French Senator. President, University Office for Socialist Research, since 1989.


FUZIER, Claude Jean Louis was born on June 2, 1924 in Paris, France. Parents: Henri Fuzier and Marie-Thérèse Fuzier (née Himbert).


Faculty of Letters, University of Paris, degree in literature and higher diploma in history.


Secretary-General, Federation of the Seine, PS, 1956-1967. Member, Bureau, PS, 1963. Town Councillor and Mayoral Assistant, Bondy, since 1965.

Secretary, PS, 1969-1970. Member, Bureau, PS, 1971-1973. District member, Parisian Region, 1971.

Regional Councillor, Paris, since 1971. General Councillor, Bondy-Nord-Ouest, 1976-1988. Mayor, Bondy, 1977; Senator, PS, Seine-Saint-Denis, 1977-1986.

Deputy, PS, Seine-SaintDenis, 1988. Administration. Nouvelles Messageries de la presse parisienne, 1947-1956. Member. Mission in Cabinet of Minister of Social Affairs, 1956-1957.

Journalist, since 1957. Editor, Populaire de Paris, 1958. Editor-in-Chief, Démocratie, 196!-.

Editor-in-Chief, Populaire de Paris, 1963-1970.


President, University Office for Socialist Research, since 1989.


Spouse Nicole Fuzier (née Azoulay), 1970. Children: Gérard, Jean-Claude (First Marriage), Frédéric (second marriage).