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Cristoforo FILETTI


Cristoforo FILETTI, Italian Senator.


FILETTI, Cristoforo was born on September 2, 1914 in Acicatena, Catania, Italy.


Degree in Law (max. hons.).


Former Secretary, Italian Social Movement Section, Acireale. Member Provincial Federation Committee, Catania, Italian Social Movement. Member Executive Co-ordinating Committee, Sicily.

General Sec of Central Committee. President Central Disciplinary Committee. Member National Leadership, MSIDN.

Head of Italian Social Movement, Acireale Council for 32 years. Member Provincial Committee for Taxation (Legal Section) Catania from 1961. Resigned for reasons of parliamentary conflict with the proposed tax reform.

Elected Senator, Acireale, 1968, 1972, 1979, 1983. Member Committee on Justice. Member numerous Sub-Committees on agriculture, law, divorce, penal code, civil procedure, prisons, state legal aid, work process, family law reform, legal profession, professional discipline, adoption reform, psychology-professional restructuring, banking law, the institution of the Peace Judge and the Freedom Tribunals.

Opposition spokesman on the reform of family law and the law on ‘repentant’ terrorists. Secretary Office of the Presidency of the Senate. Chosen by Pres, of Senate Fanfani as one of 5 experts on the Bisaglia-Pisanb jury.

Report on the reform of the Constitution and of State Institutions presented to Amaffi Conference, 1983. Member Committee on Justice. Member Committeeof Presidency of Senate.

Chosen by President Cossiga to be on panel of 5 experts to work on the reform of the laws regarding parliamentary immunity. Re-elected President Central Disciplinary Committee, Italian Social Movement - National Right. Member Central Control Committee, Italian Social Movement - National Right.

Member National Leadership, MSIDN. Spokesman on divorce, Milan Conference, at Catania Conference, on activities of politicians in Sicily, at Acireale conference, on the needs of a Mediterranean policy, at Venice Conference, on Relations between Party and Parliament. Member Committee on Parliamentary immunity and elections.

Pres, of Senate group, MSIDN. Effective member Italian Delegation to Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe. Supreme Court lawyer.

Administrative duties in several universities and legal duties in the Institute of Italian Africa. Naval League, Italy; Hospital of S. Marta and S. Venera, Acireale. Health Service, Acireale.


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