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Cun-Bing Huang Edit Profile

educator , pathologist , biomedical researcher

Cun-Bing Huang, Chinese pathologist, educator, biomedical researcher. Recipient Outstanding People of 20th century award, International Biographical Center, 1999, Achievement Award of Science and technical, Guizhou Province, 1986, 85, Excellent Science Paper award Guizhou Province Association Science and Technology, 1986, 88.


Huang, Cun-Bing was born on June 11, 1944 in Guiyang, China. Swedish citizen, 1996.


Pathologist Training Certified, Guiyang Medical College, 1972. Master of Science, Nantong Medical College, 1982. Doctor of Medicine, Nanjing Medical University, 1983.


Technologist and head, part-time acupuncturist Sinan (China) Hospital, 1962-1971, pathologist and head, part-time acupuncturist, 1973-1978. Pathologist, senior lecturer Zunyi Medical College and Teaching Hospital, 1982-1988, director and chief histochemistry laboratory, 1985-1988. Research pathologist department pathonogy, nutritional research Umeå (Sweden) University Hospital, 1989-1991, Karolinska Hospital/Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1991-1992.

Visiting scientist University of California at Los Angeles, 1992. Professor department pathology Nantong Medical College, 1993-1995. Research pathologist Center Biotechnology Karolinska Institute at Novum, Huddinge University Hospital, 1994-1995.

Director Stockholm Anticancer Institute HB, Stockholm. Visiting professor Cancer Research Center and Laboratory for Molecular Pathology, Beijing Medical University, 1993, Department Ultrastructural Pathology, Jinling Hospital, Nanjing University Medical School, 1993. Visiting scientist department pathology University California, Irvine, 1996, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1996, division biology California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, 1996.

Visiting professor department pathology Beijing Medical University, 1997, Shanghai 2d Medical University, 1997, Institute Genetics at Fudan University, Shanghai, 1997. Visiting scientist cell biology and immunology division Development Center for Biotechnology, Institute Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica, National Health Research Institute, Taipei, Taiwan, 1998, National Taiwan University Hospital, 1998, Cell Biology and Immunology division Development Center Biotechnology, taipei, 1998. Special part-time researcher, advocate for research responsibility Immunopathology Laboratory, Department Pathology and Oncology and Microbiology, Tumorbiology Center, Karolinska Institute and Hospital, Stockholm, 1997-1998.

Part-time professor department pathology Nanjing Medical University, since 1997.


Member American Association for the Advancement of Science, New York Academy of Sciences, Swedish Cancer Society, European Network on Young People and Tobacco, Chinese Medical Association Society of Pathology, Asia Pacific Association of Societies of Pathologists, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Chinese Association for Integration of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine.


Married Wei-Fang Xia. 2 children.

Wei-Fang Xia