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Dabe Khabievich MAMSUROV

pedagogue , writer and translator , Ossetian poet

Dabe MAMSUROV, USSR Ossetian poet, writer and translator; pedagogue. Order of Lenin, 1960.


MAMSUROV, Dabe was born in 1909 in village Sredniy Urukh., Northern Ossetia.


Graduated Ossetian Pedagogical Technicum, Dzaudzhikau, now Ordzhonikidze.


After graduating from Pedagogical Technicum taught at village school. Has translated into Ossetian: Pushkin’s “Skazka о pope i yego rabotnike Balde” (The Tale of the Priest and bis Workman Baida). Lermontov’s “Mtsyri”.

Nekrasov’s “Komu na Rusi zhit khorosho” (Who Can Live Well in Russia). Belinsky’s articles on Pushkin, etc. 1958 delegation at 1st Constituent Congress Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Writers.

1959 delegation at 3rd Congress of USSR Writers. Author of over 10 books of prose and poetry. Has also written several dramatic works.