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director , screenwriter

Dan Gilroy is an American screenwriter and director. He was born in California and currently lives in Brentwood, Los Angeles, with his wife, actress Rene Russo, and their daughter.


Ethnicity: Through his father, he is of Italian, Irish and German descent

Gilroy was brought up in an artistic and creative family. He's a son of a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, director, and screenwriter- Frank D.Gilroy ("The Subject Was Roses"), and sculptor and writer Ruth Dorothy Gaydos. His twin brother is a film editor - John Gilroy ("Miracle," "Michael Clayton," "Salt", "Warrior"). The film "The Bourne Legacy" was created in his first collaboration with his brother - director and screenwriter Tony Gilroy.


Gilroy grew up in Washingtonville, New York, and graduated from Washingtonville High School.

Dan Gilroy is a graduate of Ivy League Dartmouth College.


Dan Gilroy made his screenwriting debut as co-writer of science fiction action film Freejack (1992), starring Emilio Estevez, Mick Jagger, Anthony Hopkins and Rene Russo. He received his next credit by co-writing Dennis Hopper-directed comedy film Chasers.

Gilroy wrote the script for 2005 drama-sports film Two for the Money, starring Al Pacino and Gilroy's wife Rene Russo. He also served as an executive producer of the film.

Dan Gilroy was a co-writer of a remake of the 1981 Bulgarian film Yo ho ho, the Fall (2006). He was also one of the authors of the screenplay for the 2011 science fiction sports drama film Real Steal, starring Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo.

The action thriller film, The Bourne Legacy (2012), was the result of his first collaboration with his brother, Tony Gilroy, who also directed the film.

Dan Gilroy made his directorial debut with the 2014 crime thriller Nightcrawler. He also wrote the screenplay, for which he got the Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay and a significant number of various awards.

Gilroy is set to write the upcoming comic strip adventure The Annihilator.


  • director, writer (2014)

    • Nightcrawler

  • film, co-writer (1992)

    • Freejack

  • film, co-writer (1994)

    • Chasers

  • film, co-writer (2006)

    • The Fall

  • film, co-writer (2011)

    • Real Steel

  • film, co-writer (2012)

    • The Bourne Legacy

  • film, writer (2005)

    • Two for the Money


Quotations: “The key to all of these films [The King of Comedy, To Die For, The Talented Mr. Ripley] is that you have a person with a likeable exterior, but an utterly twisted interior. And it’s that gulf that makes people think, Wait a minute, that feels real. And the reason it feels real is that many films do the opposite. Many films go, ‘I have a bad character. I’m going to tell you guys it’s bad.’ You’re going to know from every cue, the way they dress, everything they say — it’s a needless mistake. I think what’s scary is knowing that there are people out there that we’re talking to who seem normal but are not normal. They’re running countries, and they’re scary as all f*ck.” (Consequence of Sound, 2014)


  • “"He’s well-spoken, he’s passionate, and he knows his s**t." (MICHAEL ROFFMAN, Consequence of Sound, 2014)”