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Daniel Amor Whistler Edit Profile

artist , educator , Film director

Daniel Amor Whistler, British film director, educator, artist. Recipient Water and Youth Jury Documentary prize, Cine Eco, Portugal, 2003, Bronze Deer, Tehran Green Film Festival, 2003, Platinum award, Houston Film Festival, 2003, 2006, Bronze award, 2007.


Whistler, Daniel Amor was born on March 4, 1954 in Bridport, Dorset, England. Son of Laurence Alan Charles and Theresa Dolignon Whistler.


Bachelor in Social Anthropology, Cambridge University, 1976. Postgraduate diploma in Visual Communications, Goldsmiths College Department Visual Communications, London, 1977. Postgraduate diploma in Teaching, Birmingham City University, 1998.


Video tutor Lancaster University, England, 1994—1999. Lecturer visual communication Birmingham City University, 1996—2009.


  • Other Work

    • Director: (documentaries, for crtl. Independent Television) Jack Echoes of a Life, Lions and Princesses. (documentaries, for Channel Four) Time on Barra.

      (documentaries, for Granada Independent Television) In the Path of the Sun. (documentaries, for British Broadcasting Corporation) Shadawson The Western Front, Songs of Longing. (films) Light and Dark Water, Heatsource, The Battle of The Ganges.


1 child Caspian.

Laurence Alan Charles

Theresa Dolignon Whistler

Caspian Whistler