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Daqing Cui


Daqing Cui, Chinese chemist. Recipient Japan Science and Technology Agency fellowship, 1998. Member of Swedish Nuclear Society, Mineralogical Society of America, PA of China Environment.


Cui, Daqing was born on September 29, 1959 in Beijing, China. Son of Yonghan Cui and Guifang Hou.


Bachelor of Science, Peking University, Beijing, 1982. Doctor of Philosophy, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 1996.


Project administrator China National Nuclear Company, Beijing, 1982—1989. Research scientist Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 1989—1999. Project manager Studsvik Nuclear AB, Nyköping, Sweden, since 1999.

Member Institute Transuranium Elements, Joint Research Center, Joint Radio Company, European Commission, 2005—2007.


  • Achievements include research in disproving the reduction of Tc(VII) or Np(V) by dissolved Fe2+ in groundwater and proving the reduction reactions by either sorbed Fe(II) on SiO2 or Fe(II) minerals. Research in proving the reduction of U(VI) to UO2(s) crystals by iron and /or iron green rust. Research in proving the interaction between uranyl carbonate and UO2.0(s) and the formation of secondary U mineral in anaerobic condition.

    Invention of using 3- dimensional sorption desorption diagram to describe the reversibility of metal sorption on minerals. Identifying fourmarierite, Pb(UO2)4O3(OH)4.4H2O in core samples from Natural Nuclear Reactors, Oklo #2 and Bangombe. Giving evidences of uranium migration and immobilization in geosphere by studying natural element distributions in groundwater-carrying-rock-fracture-fillings.

    Research in selectively extracting Mo-Te-Ru-Rh-Pd-Te particles from spent fuel and characterizing their single phase, nano structure and catalyst effects.


Member of Swedish Nuclear Society, Mineralogical Society of America, PA of China Environment.


  • Other Interests

    Skiing, fishing, boating.


Married Yuying Jin, July 24, 1986. Children: Mona Chunyu, Idaho.

Yonghan Cui

Guifang Hou

Yuying Jin

Mona Chunyu Cui

Idaho Cui