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Davenport Johnson Edit Profile

air general

Davenport Johnson was a us air general.


Davenport Johnson was born on March 28, 1890 in Texas, United States.


Davenport Johnson graduated from Air Service Field Officers’ School, 1921.


With the AEF he commanded the 2d Pursuit Gp. winning the SS and PH (for merit). A major general from 5 Aug 1941, he succeeded Frank M. Andrews as CG, Caribbean AF, which became the 6th AF on 5 Feb 1942. Johnson headed the 2d AF. a training command, during the periods 25 Feb-25 July 43 and 25 Aug-9 Sep 1943 (AA, 593). He then took over the 11th AF in Alaska (officially on 6 Sep 1943) and remained until 23 July 1945 (AA, 596). The airman retired in 1945 as a major general and died 21 Oct 1963 in Denver.