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Davlat Davlatov Edit Profile

Tajikistani government official

Davlat Davlatov, Tajikistani government official.


Davlatov, Davlat was born on February 2, 1947 in Juybodom, Tajikistan.


Graduate, Institute Oriental Studies, Academy Sciences of Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1974—1985.


Translator, Syria, 1968—1976, Egypt, 1968—1976. Science researcher Academy of Sciences Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic, 1974—1985. Teacher Tajik Agricultural Institute, 1974—1985, secretary, party committee, 1985—1989.

Employee Central Committee Communist Party, Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic, 1989—1991. Deputy chief, Department International Relations Tajikistan Government, 1991—1993, presidential press secretary, 1993—1995, presidential advisory, International Relations, since 1995, deputy, Parliment, since 1995. First deputy chairman People's Democratic Party, Tajikistan, since 2004.


Married; 8 children.