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Denise Lynn Nichols Edit Profile

Denise Lynn Nichols, American nurse. Registered Nurse Jewish Hospital, St. Louis.


Nichols, Denise Lynn was born on January 5, 1952 in St. Louis. Daughter of Leroy and Beatrice Vernita (Small) Nichols.


Bachelor in Liberal Arts, Howard University.


Missouri staff nurse Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, since 1980.


During the second coming of Christ, the God will sit in judgment and divide humanity between the saved and the lost and will sit in judgment of the believers, rewarding them for things done while alive.


Candidates for political office should endorse the Judeo-Christian beliefs, convictions, and values upon which society should rest.


Church members should be close and caring to feel each other's pains and problems. The good of the whole body of the Christian society should be put before individual needs.