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Dennis King was an English actor and singer.


King, Dennis was born on November 2, 1897 in Coventry, England. Son of John and Mary Elizabeth (King) Pratt.


Student in public schools Birmingham, England.


Began as call-boy Birmingham Repertory Theatre, debut as Dennis in As You Like It, 1916. American debut with Ethel and John Barrymore in Clair de Lune, 1921. Played Cain in Back to Methuselah, 1922.

Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, 1924, Francois Villon in Vagabond King, 1925, D’Artagnan in Three Musketeers, Ravenal in Show Boat. Also played in Richard II, Peter Ibbetson, A Doll’s House, He Who Gets Slapped Searching Wind, Blithe Spirit, Pygmalion, Devil’s Disciple, Billy Budd, Edward, My Son, Medea, ADay by the Sea. Affair of Honor, 1956.

Shangri-Louisiana, 1956. Greatest Man, 1957; Hidden River, 1957. The Miracle, 1959; Love and Libel, 1960.

Lets Make Love, 1960. Photo-Finish, 1963; Minor Miracle, 1965. Loves of Cass Maguire, 1967.

Portrait of a Queen, 1968. Remembering Mr. Maugham, 1969. Home: Brookville LI New York.


Married Edith Wright, July 17, 1920. Children: Dennis, Michael.

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