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Derek Gascoigne LESLIE


Derek Gascoigne LESLIE, economist in the field of Labour Markets; Public Policy.


LESLIE, Derek Gascoigne was born in 1948 in Belfast, N. Ireland.


Bachelor of Arts University Oxford, 1970. Master of Arts University Essex, 1971. Doctor of Philosophy University Manchester, 1979.


Lector Economics, Swansea University, Wales, 1971-1975. Visiting Research Association, Boston University, 1983. Lector Economics, Manchester University, Manchester, United Kingdom, since 1975.


My early work and a continuing interest is the productivity of hours of work. My recent contribution has been to show the difficulty of measuring the productivity effects of hours changes using an aggregate production function. Recently my work has broadened into a wider consideration of productivity growth.

Another field of interest is the question of real wage rigidity. I have recently completed a paper on the economics of cash limits and how they impinge on pay negotiations. My hope is that this study may lead to a better understanding of why quantity rather than price adjustments dominate in actual economies.