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Dina Maksimilianovna, Princess Lieven

Arts expert

Dina Maksimilianovna, Princess Lieven, USSR Arts expert.


Lieven, Dina Maksimilianovna, Princess was born on November 4, 1903 in Homeln, Northern Livonia. Daughter of Maksimilian von Anrep, deputy of a Livonian district to the Council of the Livonian Nobility.


Educated in Yuriev (now Tartu, Estonia), and Berlin.


Worked as a secretary to Bodo Ebhardt, the famous architect and restorer of German medieval castles, and then as an estate secretary in East Prussia. Married her distant Russian cousin. Professor Gleb von Anrep.

Lived in Egypt and Germany. Divorced, and married Prince Leonid Lieven. In London, worked as head of the overseas office of Christie’s auction house for over 20 years.

Retired, 1979.