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Ding-chang Wu (Ta Chuan, Wu Ting-chang) 吳鼎昌字泉詮

banker , government official

Mr. Wu was Chinese Government official and banker.


He was born in Chekiang, China (Zhejiang, China) in 1884.


Ding-chang Wu was a vice-Minister in Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce in 1915, Vice-Minister in Ministry of Finance in 1917-1920, President of Yien Yieh (Salt Industry) Commercial Bank since 1921, Chairman in the Banking Syndicate of Yien Yieh in Kincheng, Continental and China and South Sea Banks since 1922.

After that he was appoined president of the Ta Rung Pao Newspaper Company and the Kuo Wen News Service and Weekly Company in Tientsin since 1926, was a member of the National Economic Council since 1931, minister of Industry since December 1935.