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Dmitrii Nikolaevich Kardovskii


Dmitrii Kardovskii, USSR Artist.


Kardovskii, Dmitrii was born on September 5, 1866 in the village of Osurovo, now Pereiaslavl’-Zalesskii, Iaroslavl' Oblast’.


Studied at the architect A.Gunst’s Classes of Fine Arts, Moscow, under N.Klodt, then at the Higher Art School of the Petersburg Academy of Arts, 1892-1896. Under P.Chistiakov and Il’ia Repin, and at the Azbe School in Munich, 1896-1900. Graduated in law from Moscow University, 1891.


Illustrator, stage designer, genre painter specialising in historical subjects. Also graphic artist. Exhibitions: the New Society of Artists, 1904-1915, MTKH, 1909-1918 with some interruptions, AKHRR 4th exhibition, Moscow, 1923, ZharTsvet Society, 1925, 10 Years of the Malyi Theatre, Moscow, 1927, Russian Drawing, 10th Anniversary of the October Revolution, Moscow, 1927. Personal exhibitions: Jubilee (with O. Della-Vos-Kardovskaia), Moscow, 1938, and Moscow, 1953 (posthumously).