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Dominique Gilbert M. Poitout Edit Profile

educator , Orthopedic surgeon

Dominique Gilbert M. Poitout, French orthopedic surgeon, educator. Achievements include research pelvic hip and knee arthroplaty, traumatology, allografts of bone, cartilage and ligaments and orthopedic oncology. Recipient High French Committee for Civil Defense.


Poitout, Dominique Gilbert M. was born on December 1, 1946 in Paris. Son of Pierre Augustin M. and Helene Marie J. (Baudrais) Poitout.


Doctor of Medicine, University Paris, 1973. Master in Human Biology, University Marseille, 1976. Master in Biomechanics, University Montpellier, 1976.

Master in Anthropology, 1976. Master in Neuroanatomy, 1977. Master in General Anatomy, 1977.

Data Envelopment Analysis Geology and Anthropology, 1978.


Extern hospital, Paris, 1967-1970. Intern hospital, 1970-1971, Marseille, France, 1971-1976. Assistant in anatomy, 1973-1976.

Chief of clinic, 1976-1982. Professor orthopedic surgery University Hospital Center of University Aix-Marseille, since 1982. Chief of service, chairman orthopedic department University Hospital Center of University Aix-Marseilles, since 1986.

Director surgical orthopedic research laboratory Faculty of Medicine, Marseille, since 1991. Chief operative department University Hospital North, 2001. Invited permanent professor University Shanghai, China, 2002.

International consultant Catholic Pontifica Santiago Chile, 2009. National director Diploma of Advanced Studies for orthopedic biomechanics, Diploma Surgical Sciences for Biomechanics and Biomaterials, since 1986. Member board College Orthopaedic and Traumatologic Surgeons, 1999-2007.

Orthopedic and traumatologic medical expert Prefecture des Bouches du Rhone. Expert Insurance Societies, Social Security. Expert commission National Medical Accident.

Visitor High Authority Health, Medical Expert High Authority Health, French Aging Sanitary Security, French Agency Normalination, others. Director surgical orthopedic research laboratory Faculty of Medicine, University Marseille, since 1991, director redaction and medical committee, since 1984. Director diploma orthopedic oncology, since 1991.

Director Interuniversity Diploma Surgical Technology and Reconstruction, since 2007;member infectious disease committee, Commission Tropical Medicine Hospital, 1999, graft and transplantation committee, 1999. Member Medico Surgical Communications Hospitals Mamuthe. Organizer professional conferences.

International expert in health care and social programs.


  • Achievements include research pelvic hip and knee arthroplaty, traumatology, allografts of bone, cartilage and ligaments and orthopedic oncology.



Councillor of the Townhall of Marseille, 1983-1988, vice president of the commission of social action, 1983-1988. President Perspectives for Health Futures in France, Perspectives for Health Futures in Europe, 1992. Member transplantation and graft commission, infection commission University Hospital Marseille.

Member federations polytraumatology and oncology/sarcomas University Hospital Center Marseille North. Member National Academy Surgery (board directors, president communications international relationships), National Academy Medicine, International Society Orthopedic Surgery, International Society Research in Orthopedics and Traumatology, European Society Biomechanics, European Society Biomaterials, Belgian Orthopedic Surgery Society, Chilean Orthopedic Surgery Society (special advisor), New York Academy of Sciences, French Society Orthopedic Surgery, Surgical Society Marseille (president 2004—2008), Ortho Nare Nostrum Society (oncology referent 2002), Orthopedic and Traumatologic Society Great South (president 2005), French College Orthopedic and Neurologic Surgeons (board directors), Research Group Locomotor Systems (president), Research Association Intraosseous Circulation, French Tissue Association (treasurer), Research Group Biomaterials and Grafts (president), Association for the Study of Internal Fixation France Association (past president, trustee), Association for the Study of Internal Fixation Alumni Association, Freedom and Family Club Association (president), Tastevin Club (officer, Commander), Rotary Club of Aix en Provence, Lions Club Marseille Vieux Port (past president), Knight of St. Jean of Jerusalem, Rhodos and Malta., Knight Honour Legion.


Married Isabelle Badorc, 1998. Children: Pierre-Brice R., Jean-Roch D. (deceased), Marie-Elodie A., Jade A.

Pierre Augustin M. Poitout

Helene Marie J. (Baudrais) Poitout

Isabelle Badorc

Pierre-Brice R. Poitout

Jean-Roch D. Poitout (deceased)

Marie-Elodie A. Poitout

Jade A. Poitout