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Dott. Luciano RADI


Dott. Luciano RADI, Italian Senator.


RADI, Dott. Luciano was born on September 19, 1922 in Foligno, Perugia, Italy.


Doctor of Economics and Commerce.


Member Azione Cattolica, (Catholic Action). Provincial Secretary Christian Democrats, Perugia. Member National Council Christian Democrats.

Head of Central Office for the underdeveloped areas, Christian Democrats. Deputy, PerugiaTerni-Rieti, since 1958. Member Committee on Finance and treasury.

Member Committee on Agriculture and Forests. Member Leadership Committee of parliamentary Group. Under-Secretary for State Participation in II Leone government, and for Agriculture and Forests in II Rumor government.

Under-Sec for Defence in IV and V Moro government. Under-Sec for Foreign Affairs in III and IV Andreotti government. Under-Secretary for Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Acting Secretary, in Forlani government. Minister for Relations with Parliament, in I st Spadolini government. Member Committee on Foreign Affairs and Emigration.

Proclaimed Quaestor, Chamber of Deputies, in substitution for On. Giglia, 1984; member Committee on Environment. Land and Public Works.

University Lecturer.