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Dott. Raffaele ROTIROTI


Dott. Raffaele ROTIROTI, Italian Deputy.


ROTIROTI, Dott. Raffaele was born on November 17, 1935 in Sant' Angelo dei Lombardi, Avellino.


Degree in Jurisprudence.


Active member of Central Committee, Partito Socialista Italiano (Italian Socialist Party). from 1980. Member National Assembly of Partito Socialista Italiano (Italian Socialist Party) from Congress of Verona. Confirmed, Congress of Rimini.

Councillor, Rome, 1981. Assessor for Personnel and Decentralisation of the Administration. Re-elected Councillor, 1985.

President Council Group. Assessor for Trade, Food Prices, Markets. Elected Deputy, Rome-Viierbo-Latina-Frosinone.

Member Committees on Public and Private Work. And Social Affairs; Director General, INPS. President of ‘Carlo Forlanni' Regional Hospital, Rome, 1975.