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Member of the Nationalrat

Dr. Gunter STUMMVOLL, Austrian Member of the Nationalrat.


STUMMVOLL, Dr. Gunter was born on March 3, 1943 in Vienna, Austria.


College for International Commerce, Dipl.-K.fm., 1965. Doctor rer. commission, 1967.


Member of numerous bodies concerned with workermanagement relations. Has participated in international Labour groups, including the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. ILO and IOE; Welfare Representative of the Austrian Economic Federation for the Waldviertel region of Lower Austria.

Bundesrat member for Lower Austria, 1980-1983. Health Spokesman for the Österreichisches Volkspartei (Austrian People's Party), since 1983. Nationalrat Member for Lower Austria, May 1983-1990, since 1991.

Minister of State in the Federal Ministry of Finance, 1986-1991. Head of the Department of Social Politics of the Association of Austrian Industrialists, since 1974.


  • Author and co-author of numerous handbooks and commentaries on labour law and social law.