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Dr. Jiri SOLER

Member of the Czech National Council

Dr. Jiri SOLER, Member of the Czech National Council.


SOLER, Dr. Jiri was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Parents: Doctor KJiment Soler and Marie Solerová (née Svobodová).


Mathematical and Physics Faculty, Charles University, Prague, Doctor, 1965-1970. Institut, of Macromelecular Chemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague, Doctor of Philosophy, 1970-1977. Institut, of Crystallography of the USSR, Moscow, 1973-1975.

Spoken languages: Czech, Russian.


Member, 1989, Leader of Prague region, 1989-1990, Green Party. Member. Republican Party, 199I-. Department of Information, Federal Ministry of Economy, 1992.

Member of the Czech National Council, since 1992. Scientist.


  • Poznámky ke Genezi Atomového Bubáka, 1990.


  • Other Interests

    Human rights, environmental problems.