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Dr. Mityas SZUROS

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly

Dr. Mityas SZUROS, Hungarian Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly. Labour Order of Merit, 1975.


SZUROS, Dr. Mityas was born on September 11, 1933 in Puspôkladiny, Hungary. Parents: Lajos Szürôs and Julianna Szürôs (née Kün).


Moscow University Institut, of International Relations, 1953-1959. Spoken languages: Russian, German, English.


Deputy Leader, 1975, Head, 1982-1983, Foreign Department, Member of Central Committee, 1978, HSWP Central Committee. Ambassador, German Democratic Republic, 1975-1978. Ambassador, USSR, 1978-1982.

Chairman, Foreign Relations Parliamentary Committee, 1985. Chairman, Hungarian Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, 1989. Pres, of the Parliamentary, 1989.

Acting Pres, of the Hungarian republic, 1989. Member, Hungarian Socialist Party, since 1989. Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, since 1990.


  • Homeland and World, 1985. Homeland and Europe, 1987. About Hungary and Foreign Policy, 1989.


Clubs: Chairman, Historical Commemorative Committee of the Opusztaszer, 1989. Member, Kirolyi Mihily Society, 1989.


Spouse Nelly Szürôs (née Kotyelnyikova), 1957. Children: Mityas, Ivin.