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Drew Middleton, American author. Recipient Headliners Club award foreign correspondent, 1943; International News Service medal for Dieppe coverage, 1942; United States Navy Certificate of Merit, 1945; United States Medal of Freedom, 1948; Commander Order British Empire (military division), 1947. Member Delta Upsilon, Phi Kappa Alpha.


Middleton, Drew was born on October 14, 1913 in New York City. Son of Elmer Thomas and Jean (Drew) Middleton.


Bachelor of Science in Journalism, Syracuse University, 1935. Honorary Doctor of Laws, Syracuse University, 1963.


Sports editor, Poughkeepsie (New York) Eagle News, 1936;reporter, Poughkeepsie Evening Star, 1936-1937;sports writer, New York City office Associated Press, 1939;war correspondent attached to, British Expeditionary Force in France and Belgium, 1939-1940;war correspondent attached to, Royal Air Force, British Home Army, 1940-1941;United States Army and Navy correspondent in Iceland, Royal Air Force, British Home Army, 1941-1942;Allied Forces, London, 1942;member of staff, New York Times, London, 1942;correspondent in, Tunisia, Algeria and Mediterranean area and Allied Headquarters, Algiers, 1942-1943;with, United States 8th Air Force and Bomber Command, Royal Air Force, 1943-1944;accredited, United States First Army and Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force, 1944-1945;at Frankfurt, Berlin and at, International Military Tribunal trials, Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946;chief correspondent, New York Times, to Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1946-1947;chief correspondent, New York Times, to Germany, 1947-1953;chief correspondent, New York Times, London, 1953-1963;chief correspondent, New York Times, PAris, 1963-1965;chief correspondent, New York Times, United Nations, 1965-1968;European affairs correspondent, New York Times, 1968-1970;military correspondent, New York Times, 1970-1984;columnist, New York Times Syndicate, New York City, 1984-1990.



Member Delta Upsilon, Phi Kappa Alpha. Clubs: Garrick (London), Beefsteak (London). Brook (New York City), Century (New York City).

Travellers (Paris).


Son of Elmer Thomas and Jean (Drew) M. M. Estelle Mansel-Edwards, March 31, 1943. 1 daughter, Judith Mary.

Elmer Thomas Middleton

Jean (Drew) Middleton

Estelle Mansel-Edwards