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KIERSKI, DrJOZEF was born on May 9, 1935 in Warsaw, Poland.


Medical Academy in Warsaw, 1952-1958, Doctor ol Medicine, 1958-1965, Special in OB/GYN, 1965-1969, Doctor of Philosophy. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medical, 1975-1976, Master of Science. Spoken languages: English, French, Polish.


Medical Officer, Family Health Division, Maternal & Child Care Program, World Health Organization since 1984. Team Leader, Sterilization Surveillance Program, Population Division of Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, Bangladesh, 1982-1984. Medical Rch Planning Officer, Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, Government of Poland, Poland, 1980-1981.

Family Health Advisor, Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, Fiji, 1976-1979. Head, Family Health Department, Institut of Public Health, World Health Organization, Algeria, 1971-1975. Senior Lecturer, 1966-1970, Lecturer, 1962-1965, Assistant, 1958-1961, II Institute of Obsterics & Gynecology, Medical Academy in Warsaw.


Member: International Academy of Cytology. British Society of Clinical Cytology. Polish Association of Obstetrics & Gynecology.


  • Other Interests

    Organization of maternal & child care. Maternal mortality; organization of cancer screening programmes.