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Dya Grigorevich ERENBURG

writer , publicist and translator , Russ

Dya ERENBURG, Russ, writer, publicist and translator. Board, USSR Union of Writers, since 1959. Stalin Prizes, 1942, 1958; International Stalin Prize, 1952; Lenin Prize, 1960; prizes “For Strengthening Peace Between Peoples”; two Order of Lenin; Order of Red Banner of Labor; Order of Red Star; medals.


ERENBURG, Dya was born in 1891 in Kiev.


While studying at 1st Moscow Gymnasium participated in 1905-1907 revolutionary movement for which expelled from Gymnasium and later arrested. Released before trial and 1908 emigrated to Paris. Returned to Russ, during 1917 Revolution.

1921 sent to Paris, later Belgium, as special correspondent for “Izvestiya”. From Belgium went to Berlin, then returned to Paris. Traveled in Europe, Asia, America, writing for Soviet press.

Following German attack on France in 1940 returned to USSR. Deputy, and member, Commission for Foreign Affairs, Soviet of the Union, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1950, 1954 and 1958 convocation. V.-President, World Peace Council.

Spoke at intemat. congresses in Paris, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Helsinki. Since 1955 Deputy Chairman, Soviet Committee the Defense of Peace. Chairman, Soviet Society for Friendship and Cultural Relations with France.

Member, Committee International Lenin Prizes. 1960 member, Soviet Committee the Defense of Peace delegation at Stockholm session of Bureau of World Peace Council. 1954 severely criticized for novelette “Ottepel” (The Thaw), and in 1959 for articles on literature and art.

Translated Francois Villon, old Spanish and modern French poets. His works published in USSR in nearly 9,000.000 copies and 30 languages. Since 1956 member, Editor Board, journal “V zashchitu mira” (In Defense of Peace).

1914-1917 corresponding on Franco-German Front for “Birzhevye vedomosti” (Stock Market Gazette) and other Russ, papers. 1917-1921 contributor to newspapers in Kiev, Kharkov, Rostov-on-Don and Tiflis, and to other organs supporting anti-Communist White movement. 1921-1936 special correspondent, newspaper “Izvestiya” in France, Belgium and Germany.

1936-1937 war correspondent in Spain. 1937-1940 in Paris for Soviet central press. 1941-1945 staff member, “Pravda” and “Krasnaya zvezda” (Red Star).