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Edgar SALIN, German economist. Founder, Friedrich List Gesellschaft.


SALIN, Edgar was born in 1892 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.


A follower of Otto Spann’s ‘universalist economics’, which enjoyed a brief spell of fame in Germany in the first quarter of this century, being a typical German holistic reaction to the atomism of mainstream anglophone economics. In his Geschichte., the entire history of economic thought is depicted as a struggle between collectivist and individualist ideas.

During this early period, he made a major contribution to the historical understanding of Greek economics. In later years he turned his attention to modern topics, including atomic energy and international monetary fluctuations. Professor University Heidelberg, 1924-1927.

Professor, Rector, University Basle, 1927-1974, 1971.


  • Founder, Friedrich List Gesellschaft.