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Edouard FREDERIC-DUPONT, French Deputy. Chevalier of the Legion of Honour; Military Cross 39-45; Resistance Medal.


FREDERIC-DUPONT, Edouard was born on July 10, 1902 in Paris, France. Parents: Edouard Dupont and Jeanne Dupont (née Hauvion).


Louis-le-Grand High School. Doctorate in law; Independent School of Political Science, diploma.


City Councillor, Paris, 1933-1943. Vice-Chairman of City Council, 1942, resigned 1943. City Councillor, 1945-1947 and 1953-1971 and Chairman of Police Committee of City Council.

Chairman of Paris City Council, 1953-1954. Paris Councillor, 3rd section. 7th and 8th arrondissements, since 1971.

Deputy Mayor of Paris since 1977. Deputy for Paris, 7th arrondissement, 1936-1940. Member of both constituent assemblies, 1945-1946.

Deputy for Seine 1st sector, 1946, re-elected 1951 and 1956. Chairman of Parliamentary Bureau of Crafts Committee and Extraparliamentary Trade Committee. Minister of Relations with associated states, under Joseph Laniel, 1954.

Chairman of Commission for Coordination of Indochinese Affairs, 1954-1955. Independent Deputy for Seine (Left Bank, Paris), 1958-1962. Member of management committee of Independents and Farmers.

Vice-Chairman, 1958-1962, then Honorary Vice-Chairman of National Assembly. Administrator of District of Paris Region, since 1960. Chairman of Plans and Programmes Committee of District of Paris Region, 1965-1972.

Deputy for Paris, 5th constituency: 7th arrondissement, 1967-1968 and since 1986, registered member of National Front. Member of Foreign Affairs Committee of National Assembly. Deputy Mayor of Paris.

Mayor of 7th arrondissement of Paris, since 1983. Secretary of Barristers’ Conference, 1928. Barrister, Appeal Court, Paris, since 1926.


  • La Résiliation du contrat de travail à durée indéterminée. Mission de la France en Asie.


Clubs: founder and Chairman of Commission responsible for publishing new history of Paris.