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Eduard Karlovich Pekarskii

ethnologist , folklorist , linguist

Eduard Pekarskii, USSR Linguist, ethnologist, folklorist.


Pekarskii, Eduard was born on October 25, 1858 in the Igumenskii district, now the Chervenskii region of Minsk Oblast’.


Studied at the Khar’kov Veterinary Institute, 1877-1878.


Joined the populists. Joined the expedition to East Siberia, 1894-1896, and the Aiano-Nel’kanskaia expedition,1903. With the help of the Academy of Sciences, returned to Petersburg, 1905.

Editor of the periodical Zhivaia Starina, 1914-1917. In his last years, worked at the Institute of Oriental Studies. Edited Obraztsy Narodnoi Literatury Iakutov.