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researcher , Industrial engineer

Eduardo Ruiz Alonso, industrial engineer, researcher. Achievements include development of terminal railroad tops; invention of agricultural crafts; development of airport crafts; invention of rubber treatment engines; research in human-robot interaction; design of cars for manufacturing; development of expert systems for continuous auditing.


Alonso, Eduardo Ruiz was born on July 18, 1962 in Jaen, Spain. Son of Manuel Ruiz Siles and Aurora Alonso De Luna.


Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering, U.N.E.D., Madrid, 1998. Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, ETSII-UPM, 1989.


Engineering consultant Maynard Ca, Barcelona, 1989—2001. General manager Mariano Luna, Madrid, 1991—1996. Lecturer University Castilla-la Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain, 1996—1998.

Iberian industrial consulting manager Asea Brown Bovery, Barcelona, 1998—2005, iberian full service manager Madrid, 2005. Senior consultant TEA-CEGOS, since 2005. Maint.audit worldwide committee Asea Brown Bovery, Brussels, 2000—2002, re-engineering worldwide committee, Vasteras, Sweden, 2001—2002, risk directorship, Madrid.

Eureka researcher University Castilla La Mancha. Industrial production worldwide committee TEA-CEGOS, since 2006, re-engineering worldwide committee, since 2006.


  • Achievements include development of terminal railroad tops. Invention of agricultural crafts. Development of airport crafts.

    Invention of rubber treatment engines. Research in human-robot interaction. Design of cars for manufacturing.

    Development of expert systems for continuous auditing.


Master: Asociacion Mtm Española, Maynard Spain Former Executives. Fellow: ASETEMYT (associate), Sociedad Española De Fomento De Trotones (honorary. Co-founder 1987); member: Colegio De Ingenieros Industriales De Madrid (associate), Asociación Española De Mantenimiento (associate), Project Management Institute (associate.

Pmp 2006).


Married Maria Elena Azofra Sierra, October 14, 1989. Children: Eduardo Ruiz Azofra, Elena Ruiz Azofra.

Manuel Ruiz Siles

Aurora Alonso De Luna

Maria Elena Azofra Sierra

Eduardo Ruiz Azofra Alonso

Elena Ruiz Azofra Alonso