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Edward Lachman, American cinematographer. Recipient Best Cinematography award South America Film Festival, 1988, Academy award nomination for short subject, 1986, Silver Maile award for cinematography, 1994, Kodak award of excellence, 1995. Member ASC, International Photographers (644, 659).


Lachman, Edward was born on March 31, 1946 in Morristown, New Jersey, United States. Son of Edward and Rosabel Lachman.


Bachelor, Harvard University, 1965. Bachelor of Fine Arts summa cum laude, Ohio University, 1969.


Presenter seminars Harvard University, Columbia University, New York University, Ohio University.


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    • Co-director photography: (feature films) Lords of Flatbush, 1973, Christo's Valley Curtain (Club Ribbon, American Film Festival 1974, Academy award nomination), Lightning over Water, Wim Winders, 1976, 79 (feature film prize German Film Festival), Stroszek LaSoufriere Werner Herzog, 1976 (awards Cannes, Berlin and New York Film Festivals), Little Wars, Maroon Baghdadi (feature film award Cannes Film Festival 1984), Mother Teresa (Academy award nomination documentary 1987). Director photography: Say Amen, Somebody, 1982 (awards Cannes and New York Film Festival), Lightnong over Water, 1984 (Cannes, Berlin, New York film festivals), Desperately Seeking Susan, 1985, Tokyo-Ga, 1985 (Cannes, Berlin, Venice and New York Film Festivals), True Stories, 1986, Less Than Zero, 1987, Making Mr. Right, 1987, Mississippi Masala, 1991, London Kills Me, 1992, Light Sleeper, 1992 (French Institute of Petroleum award for cinematography 1993), My New Gun, 1992, Dark Blood, 1993, Mi Familia, 1994.


Member ASC, International Photographers (644, 659).


Edward Lachman

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