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editor , writer

Edward Moser is an American writer as well as editor for different periodicals.


Mr. Moser was born in Manhattan, New York, United States, on July 19, 1958. He is a son of Edward J. (a payroll clerk) and Rose (a homemaker; maiden name, Ward) Moser.


Edward P. Moser attended State University of New York at Albany and finished it in 1980. He was a graduate of George Washington University, receiving his Master of Arts in 1991.


From 1981 till 1982 Mr. Moser was hired by Data General, Westborough, MA, working as an editor. Between 1982 and 1985 he occupied the position of a senior editor at Dun & Bradstreet Software, Natick, MA. In 1985-1988 Mr. Moser worked at Computer Corporation of America, Cambridge, MA, as a staff writer.

Starting from 1988 Edward Moser was an intern at U.S. Senate, Washington, DC. Then Mr. Moser served at National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC, as a staff consultant writer, and researcher, 1989-1991. In 1992 he was appointed senior systems analyst and Writer by Arist Corporation, Alexandria, VA. During 1977-1982 he acted as a freelance joke writer for the Tonight Show, Softball Umpire.


  • Edward P. Moser gained his prominence as a gifted humorist and author of several books.



Quotations: "As a topical humorist, my work is heavily influenced by what’s going on in the political world. National campaigns and debates on the issues of the day are grist for my mill. I’m fascinated by the philosophies — conservatism, liberalism, socialism, libertarianism — that shape public debate. At a deeper level, I’m interested in comparative religion and philosophy, and thus the underlying culture and set of ideas that help determine how we think about public affairs."

"A primary motivation for my creative writing is a sense of self-worth. Most of my peers work in the computer or financial fields, but I have little interest in or aptitude for either. Like a lot of ‘liberal arts types,’ I feel left behind by the modem world; my skills don’t fit our technocratic age. I feel I’m ‘good at’ writing, criticism, analysis, and debate, however, and I’m drawn to these areas out of personal pride."

"Frustrated over the great cost and effort expended futilely in the attempt to switch careers, and seized by the feeling that I could analyze and write about public affairs as well as most pundits, I desperately took up polemical writing. At first the philippics were both comic and serious, then they became exclusively comic. I began to get my work published and, after sending a batch of my best humor stories to Jay Leno, was hired by The Tonight Show as a freelance joke contributor. At the same time I started to send out book proposals."


  • Authors Guild , United States

  • Washington Independent Writers , United States


  • Sport & Clubs

    biking, hiking, softball

  • Other Interests

    comparative religion, travel, foreign languages and cultures, domestic subcultures


Edward J. Moser - American

Rose (Ward) Moser - American