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Edward Eugene ZAJAC


Edward Eugene ZAJAC, economist in the field of General Economic Theory; Industrial Organisation and Public Policy; Economics of Technological Change. Henry Crathorne Phillips Fellow, Princeton University, 1950-1951; National Science Foundation, USA Fellow, 1953^4.


ZAJAC, Edward Eugene was born in 1926 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America.


BME (Mech. Engineering) Cornell University, 1950. MSE (Mech. Engineering) Princeton University, 1952. Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering Mechanics) Stanford University, 1954.


Member, Technical Staff, Maths, and Statistics Research Center, Bell Laboratory, 1954-1966. Member, Task Force on FCC Investigation, American Telephones & Telegraph, 1965-1966. Visiting Professor, Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute, Institution New York, 1966-1967.

Head, Mathematics Physics Department, Economics and Graphics Research Department, Director, Economics Research, Bell Laboratories, 1967-1968, 78, 1978-1983. Professor of Economics, University Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, United States of America, since 1983. Editorial Board, J Applied Mechanics, 1965.


  • Henry Crathorne Phillips Fellow, Princeton University, 1950-1951. National Science Foundation, USA Fellow, 1953^4.


For the first ten years following my Doctor of Philosophy in engineering mechanics, my research and publications were principally in the fields of my training. Starting in 1962,1 made some of the earliest computeranimated films, including A Pair of Paradoxes, and worked on the application of computer animation to science education films. Subsequently my research interests turned to economics.

Starting in 1968, with the help of Elizabeth Bailey, Gerald Faulhaber and others, I gradually built a group of about 25 outstanding researchers, concentrating on regulation and industrial organisation, finance, theoretical and applied econometrics, labour economics and the economics of information. My own research has focussed on regulation, public utility pricing and economic justice.